School Readiness

Little boys portrait.A group of preschool children in a music class.

Explorers Academy prepares young students for success from their first day in school to their last day in university. By promoting each student’s unique learning style in the context of their individual upbringing, each child is given a personal plan of success.

The process for creating these plans includes goal setting from a child’s enrollment until their day of graduation from Explorers Academy. We prepare students socially, emotionally, and cognitively for their entrance into kindergarten.

But, we can’t ensure students are ready for kindergarten on our own. We create relationships with parents and guardians to ensure that both in the classroom and at home, students are in an environment where they can thrive. The most important skills a child can learn for school readiness are engaging in nurturing relationships, learning self-control and how to follow instructions, solving problems, and sticking to a task.

Working together, Explorers Academy’s staff and our student’s parents create a path for a child’s lifelong success. Click here to download the most current Parent Handbook for tips on how to help build your child’s school readiness.