Inside Our New Logo

In 2017, we changed our agency’s name from Head Start, Inc. to Explorers Academy. Why the change? Our program is growing as we serve more families in innovative ways. We expanded our program to open a new school in Billings and create paid tuition slots for over-income families.  Although the Head Start mission of supporting vulnerable children will always be at the core of what we do, we are growing our program so that even more children and families in Yellowstone and Carbon counties can benefit from our evidence-based education and family services programs. When we became Explorers Academy, we wanted to create a new logo that truly reflects who we are – a high quality, early learning center that engages and supports both children and families in their learning and growth.  Our logo represents our foundations and how we serve families, children, and our community.

Crest and Colors

We styled our logo as a crest to represent the quality of our program and its enduring impact on your child’s life.  The colors of our logo are grounded in nature, as our teaching is grounded in children’s natural curiosities.

Financial Stability

The house in our logo represents our goal of supporting families in securing financial stability.  As a Head Start program, Explorers Academy promotes well-being of the entire family by supporting parents in achieving goals such as financial stability, housing stability, and continuing education.

Family Surrounding Children

The family in our logo represents how we work with families to provide services that wrap around each child, promoting and supporting their development, health, and education.  We partner with parents every step of the way, supporting families in finding quality health care, developing critical reading skills at home, and strengthening parents’ relationships with their children.  New in 2017, we are excited to offer child care before and after preschool hours to better support working families in our community.

Exploratory Learning

The book in our logo represents exploratory learning, the core of our approach to education at Explorers Academy.  We are a play-based program utilizing tools such as the Creative Curriculum for Preschool to encourage exploration and discovery in learning.  Our ultimate goal is to build your child’s readiness for school by incorporating social and emotional skill development into their education.