How can I apply?


Click here to fill out our new online application! 

If you have questions or need assistance completing the application, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (406) 245-7233 ext. 201!

What to bring to your Enrollment Appointment:

  • Your photo ID
  • Pertinent legal documents; i.e. parenting plan, restraining order.
  • Income Verification (Tax Return, W2, Social Security Statements, Check Stubs, TANF Statement, Foster Care Verification, Homeless Verification, Child Support)
  • If you do not have a tax return and/or W2, we are required to verify 12 months of income.
  • Your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Your child’s Shot Record
  • If your child has a diagnosed disability, please bring in any verifying documents (IEP, IFSP, information from your child’s doctor, etc.)

How does Explorers Academy determine eligibility?

Explorers Academy enrollment is based on the needs of participating families. The “Family Size Income Guidelines” shown below are established annually by the U.S. Government. At least 90% of Explorers Academy families must have income equal to or below 130%. Before over-income families can be accepted, Explorers Academy must offer available enrollment slots to income-eligible families. Income requirements are not as stringent for children with special needs. Children who are experiencing homelessness, are currently in foster care, or households receiving TANF or SSI are automatically eligible for Explorers Academy.

2020-2021 Poverty Guidelines

Persons in Family/Household Poverty Guideline 100% 130%
1 12,760 16,588
2 17,240 22,412
3 21,720 28,236
4 26,200 34,060
5 30,680 39,884
6 35,160 45,708
7 39,640 51,532
8 44,120 57,356

Add 4,480 for each additional family member.

Children must turn three (3) before September 10th of the school year for which the family is applying. Five (5) year-old’s may attend Explorers Academy if they are too young to attend kindergarten.

If you do not qualify for our Head Start program because your income is too high, please get in touch with us to talk about options, such as a private tuition slot. Children with special needs are often accepted into our program regardless of the family’s income. You can fill out the form below to reach out to our Enrollment Director.

How can I contact the Enrollment Director?