We Decorated the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree!

Kids creating ornaments for the capitol tree.

Explorers Academy students have had the exciting opportunity this year to create decorations for the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree for this holiday season.

The decorations for the tree had to be 9-12″ in size, be weatherproof, and be able to be transported across the nation in time for the tree’s installation.  Students created colorful, glittery, artistic, and fun decorations that showcase their natural creativity.

On November 8th, the US Forest Service cut the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, a 79 ft. tall Engelmann Spruce from the Kootenai National Forest.  The tree was sent on its way to Washington D.C. by Whitewood Transport, a home-grown Billings transport company.  The tree will travel more than 3,000 miles throughout November, arriving in D.C. on November 27th.  Although the tree will not stop in Billings, it will make whistle stops in 20 towns and cities across 6 states—quite a road trip!

The nearly 400 ornaments our students made at the beginning of the year are already in Washington.  Forest Service volunteers charged with decorating the tree were thrilled by the ornaments the kids made!  After our student’s ornaments are hung on the tree, everything will be topped off with a 9 foot copper star.

Lighting of the tree is currently scheduled for Wednesday, December 6th at 5:00pm Eastern Time.  To follow along with the tree’s journey, visit www.capitolchristmastree.com or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/billingsheadstart for information on tree lighting events at our schools!  Check out the infographic below for more stats on the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree’s journey to Washington D.C.!