Explorers Academy provides bus transportation services to and from school for children who meet Transportation eligibility criteria. Because we are limited by the size of our fleet and the number of our Transportation Staff, we appreciate families who are able to transport their own children. Their generosity and support in this area enables Explorers Academy to offer busing to children who may not be able to attend without bus services.

All Explorers Academy children receive training on how to be a safe bus rider and pedestrian, whether they ride the bus daily or only on special occasions. The curriculum includes:

  • Being a safe bus rider
  • Safely getting on and off the bus
  • Crossing the street with help from an adult
  • Danger zones around the bus
  • Safely evacuating the bus in an emergency
  • How to use a seat belt

Parents can help their children learn these skills by talking about them at home and while they are in the car.

The Explorers Academy Transportation Staff looks forward to partnering with parents to teach children skills and habits that will help them be safe riders and pedestrians at Explorers Academy and at home.

Transportation Contact

Contact our Transportation Manager with any questions or concerns.

Jane Redman
Transportation Manager